Buy a Voucher

You can buy on this page a voucher of the value you like (choosing among 4 possible values) to purchase for a future stay at QuodLibet Guest House Rome. In this way you are granted a discounted price applied on the best possible rates. Help our business now (in a very hard moment) and get a better price for a future stay (for you or for anybody you want)

Buy now the value you like, and according to it you will have a discount for the booking on the dates you will decide to book.

VOUCHER value: EUR 300,00discount on the future booking 5% *(applied on the best rates available at the moment you define the dates for you stay)

VOUCHER value: EUR 500,00discount on the future booking 10% *(applied on the best rates available at the moment you define the dates for you stay)

VOUCHER value: EUR 750,00discount on the future booking 15% *(applied on the best rates available at the moment you define the dates for you stay)

VOUCHER value: EUR 1000,00discount on the future booking 20% *(applied on the best rates available at the moment you define the dates for you stay)

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Buy a discount voucher

*How it works (Example):

You buy a voucher of the value, let’s say 500,00 EUR now. Then you decide, for example on the 15 of January 2021, to book for the period with check-in May 24 and check out May 29, 2022 (5 nights) a double room. On the 15th of January, the room you want to book has the best-discounted rate (online and/or offline) of EUR 900,00 total (180 EUR per room per night). Since you have a Voucher of EUR 500,00 we’ll apply a further discount of 10%, so instead of EUR 900,00 your 5 nights stay in Rome will cost EUR 810,00 (900 EUR – 90 EUR). So the guest will have to pay EUR 310,00 at check out (810,00 EUR – 500,00 EUR already paid for the voucher). If for some reason the travel has to be canceled the voucher value will be still available for another date (free cancellation up to 1-week prior to arrival). The voucher is valid for 36 months, and it can be used by whoever will have the Voucher Discount Code (it doesn’t have to be the person who bought the voucher, since it can be passed to another person). We’ll issue the voucher discount code immediately after the payment has been done.


Why should I buy now if I’m still uncertain about dates

Because one this way you are assured to have the best possible rates, and with a further discount. Moreover you help now our property to navigate in a complex situation due to the coronavirus situation.

What if I change my mind and I decide not to travel anymore to Rome

You can pass the value of the voucher to anybody you know. It is like a gift box (if you want to give it as a present to somebody). It is enough that you pass the voucher code to somebody

What happens if I decide a date at a certain point, and then I have to change the dates? What is the cancellation policy?

At a certain point you book a dates. We write your name on our booking plan and we wait for you for that day. If for some reason later on, before you arrive, you have to change your dates, you can do it up to 7 days before your expected arrival date, with no penalty. We’ll simply maintain the voucher (with exactly the same value) for the new dates you will decide to book.

How long is the voucher valid? Any expiration date?

The voucher is valid for 36 months (3 years) from the moment you buy your voucher. That means that you can schedule your trip by 36 months

What happens if, by chance, I buy the voucher but then I’m not able to travel to Rome, and I’m not able to pass the voucher to anybody else? Do I lose the money?

No, you do not lose the money. In case you are not able to travel, we’ll give you back the money you paid for the voucher, but not before 24 months after you bought the voucher. After 24 months, if you were not able to schedule or reschedule your trip, or to pass it to anybody else, we’ll send you back the exact amount that you have paid.

Who assures me that the discount you apply, it is applied on the best possible rate?

It is quite easy at a certain point (when you decide to make your booking) to check on the web which is the best possible rate you can get for your stay at Quodlibet. Everything is quite transparent on the web.

What happens if the dates I decide to stay in Rome are not available at Quodlibet?

We suggest you to define the dates as soon as you can. Please note that usually we fill our rooms (in a normal period) approximately 2 months before. So we suggest you to check the availability with us before you plan your trip

Do you offer any help on planning the trip to Rome and to Italy?

Of course we do, and we we’ll offer a priority service to those with a voucher. We are available for any suggestion about planning your trip. Suggestions on the stay in Rome, but also on the trip to Italy. We are in the hospitality since 1998 and we worked as Travel Agents for many years, so we are able to suggest the best way to travel through Italy and how to optimize your stay. We are available over the phone, whatsapp, e-mail, Facebook, and even with video conferences via Zoom. All for free.

Why should I buy a voucher to stay at your property?

Because we are confident to offer a first quality service to those who like a personal touch, to stay in small hotels, being always in contact with local people. Moreover we are in the process to update our property, and to make it even better. Our property is #1 in Rome and # 1 in Italy in the bed and breakfasts and small Inns category on Tripadvisor.

What happens if the value of the stay that I will book is lower than the Voucher that I buy now?

If, for example, you buy a voucher of the value of 500 EUR now, and then, when you book the dates of your stay, the value of the stay is lower than 500 EUR, we’ll issue another voucher of the value of the difference between the value of your stay and the amount you paid. The new voucher is again valid for new 36 months, and you can pass it to whoever you like. If you prefer, we can give you back the difference at your check out.