Piazza della Rotonda and the Pantheon - 15 minutes from QuodLibet bed and breakfast

Tap water in Rome

Do not waste your money on bottled water while in Rome Tap water is drinkable everywhere in Rome, and it comes from a fresh water system (actually inherited from the Ancient Rome Aqueduct System) . Rome is plenty of small running water small fountain (the so called “Nasoni”) . So do not waste your money … Continue reading Tap water in Rome

Safety and security in Rome

A few myths to leave at home Despite its size (almost 4 millions of people living in the metropolitan area of Rome) Rome is a safe city. Many rumors are said about Rome worldwide, but most of them are just false. Rome is a city with almost zero micro criminality, and attacks to tourists are … Continue reading Safety and security in Rome

Restaurants in Rome – How to use instructions

Primo, Secondo, Contorno, Dolce e Antipasto, Coperto, Servizio e Mancia …. a few words that could make complicate the relationship between restaurants in Rome and their international customers. The first thing to say is that in Rome the 80% of restaurants are Italian, so not a big choice … but for sure this is what people want to eat in Rome. The second thing to know … Continue reading Restaurants in Rome – How to use instructions