How to get to Rome

If you arrive in Rome by car, by train, plane or if you are arriving in the city at the end of a cruise, there are no issues on how to get to center of the city.

By Car

If you arrive by car, of course use your google map or navigator to avoid the limited traffic areas (where you could get a fine). Our location is right outside the limited traffic zone, so you can arrive right in front of the property door.

If you are using a rental car, we suggest you anyway to drop it as soon as possible, since you won’t need it at all during your stay (if you are not planning daily trips outside the city). Come to our door, drop your bags, and then go to deliver your car to your car rental closest office (all the major car rental companies have an office in the vicinity of our property)

By train

If you arrive by train, you can definitely use the Metro (subway) which offers a very easy link to our location. If instead you are thinking about taking a taxi cab, then it is going to be easy as well, specially if you download an application called Freenow (on Google Play or Apple Store) which is a very useful tool to call a city taxi cab within Rome.

By Plane

Both the 2 Rome airports are well connected with the center of the city (an easy train link from Fiumicino Leonardo Da Vinci International Airport, or a bus connection from Ciampino Airport – which is a smallest airport used mainly by low cost companies). In both cases anyway, it could be a good idea to book with us a pick up service which we offer working together with a reliable and very precise limousine service company. The ride from the airport (with a driver who will be waiting for you right at your terminal) is slightly more expensive than public transportation, but according to us it is a relief if you have to deal with your bags, directions, mainly after a trying and long flight. Definitely an option to prefer if you are arriving in Rome in the evening, since public transportation at night is slower and the Metro (the subway) closes at 11:00 pm.

By ship

If you are reaching Rome at the end of a cruise in the Mediterranean, you will be reaching the port of Civitavecchia. Here you can use a train connecting the town of Civitavecchia with the central station of Rome, or you can use a limousine service with a driver coming to pick you up. Consider only that the port is 100 kilometers away from Rome, so the prices for private transportation are higher than from the airports. Anyway, if you have many bags, and you want to avoid all the stress of dealing with your luggage up and down from public transportation, then the pick up service from the port is definitely worth.

Via Barletta in Rom from Ottaviano Metro Stop
Via Barletta in Rome from the Metro stop – the Plane Trees Lined Road