We are Connie and Gianluca and we are the owners of QuodLibet (our property in Rome). We are married since 2005, and we have two daughters (Roberta and Maria Beatrice).

We are in the hospitality business since 1998, and now it is our full-time job. It is obvious to say, but we particularly like to meet people from everywhere in the world (an incredible global opportunity given by the internet), and we enjoy sharing with everyone we meet here what we know about Rome.

Connie mostly takes care of the booking office and the relationship with guests when they are planning their trip, while Gianluca is more on the on-site part of the job (he is the one our guests meet when they arrive and every morning during breakfast), and he likes to deal with photos and websites. He is the one who took all the pictures in this website, and the webmaster.

Just to let you know a bit more about us, we both studied Italian Literature, at the University of Rome “La Sapienza”, where we met: Connie with a focus on “Literary Criticism”, Gianluca on “Cultural Anthropology”. By chance, for a series of circumstances, we ended up working in the hospitality: a job that we like and that we do with passion, attention and curiosity. 

Our accommodation is a Guest House with bed and breakfast service, so we don’t live in the premises, but just a few blocks away. We are around most of the time, and always available.

We really like when people tell us that they felt like at home, and that they found our property welcoming, relaxing and easy. We pay a lot of attention to the quality of what we offer to our guests, and we try to make their experience in Rome an enjoyable, easy and memorable one. 

We hope to meet you here in Rome!

Connie & Gianluca