A continuous work in progress to make the terrace on the rooftop of the buiding where Quodlibet is located, an unique and enjoyable corner in Rome. Something unique among the guest houses and bed and breakfast in Rome. A winter garden where to enjoy your breakfast well heated even during the coldest season, a cool part of the city where to enjoy the hottest summer evenings and mornings touched by a nice and mild breeze.

Morning rays of sun in the terrace of Quodlibet bed and breakfast in Rome

In July 2016 we decided to use a portion of the roof of the building where QuodLibet is located just to offer an open air space to our guests during spring and summer. We had at that time just the intention to put a few chairs, sun umbrellas, and nothing more … Then, while we where doing it … we started to think about a patio, then about a water-proof covering, then about an area with wind protection … then since all our guests wanted to have breakfast there, it slowly became our breakfast space during the summer … and last year we noticed that even during the winter, all our guests wanted to stay there. Today, the terrace, is a steady winter garden perfectly insulated and heated during the winter, and fresh and airy during the summer … so part of our property, all year round!

the very begin of the terrace

Enjoy this video to see the way we made our terrace

At the beginning of July 2016 there was nothing on the top of the building inVia Barletta 29, but then… all in a “sudden” … something appeared

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