Try to walk as much as you can since you are in the center of the city, so public transportation is not strictly necessary. Anyway, whenever you wish to use the public transportation please remember that all the public means – Metro, Buses & Trams – are managed by a single company called ATAC. So the ticket is the same for all of them. Remember that you are 50 meters away from OTTAVIANO SAN PIETRO STOP, of the LINE A of the METRO

Rome Metro Underground Map

The single journey ticket costs EUR 1,50, and it is valid for 1 journey on the Metro (no matter about the distance, and you can go with the same even if you change line) and (or) 100 minutes on the surface buses/tram. The ticket can be purchased downstairs at OTTAVIANO San Pietro Metro stop (and at every metro stop or newspaper seller) through machines (try to have coins). At OTTAVIANO SAN PIETRO metro stop (our stop – 50 meters away) there is also a ticket office. Remember, if you use the bus, that the ticket must be bought in advance, and once you get on the bus you validate (print) the ticket in a yellow box you will see once you board.  The ticket does not expire if you do not use it. So, you can buy as many as you want, and they will stay valid until you use them

You can buy also passes: 1 day, three days, 1 week and the Roma pass (which is a free transportation pass for 3 days plus the free entrance into 2 museums). Usually, since you are in the city center, for you they are not worth the price (you will be using the metro once or twice a day, so you will hardly reach the value of the price of a pass).

electric bus 119 in Rome - QuodLibet bed and breakfast

TAXI: If you wish to catch a taxi, we suggest you download – Google Play or Apple Store – a very good application called FreeNow. It works exactly as Uber – you use your mobile with geo localization to call the taxi which will reach you at your location -, but with the regular licensed city taxi cabs. All the cab drivers using this platform and reliable and honest, so it is a good way to use the cab without expecting price surprises. Once you have downloaded you have to register, and if you like also to register your credit card to pay directly through the application. Being an international company, it is very reliable and trustful.