Winter in Rome – a very good option

January, February and December are definitely the quietest months to come to Rome. Fewer people, a more relaxed atmosphere, never queues, never crowds.

Some people are scared about the weather and they think is too cold, rainy, and the daylight too short.

The temperature can vary between 5 celsius (early morning) to 15 (midday). So a definitely acceptable weather conditions. Rain is never constant, so even if guests can find a few drops of rain, this won’t be constant through all the day.

Snow is an exception, and if you are in Rome in the rare event of snow … than take it as the opportunity to take a few interesting and rare pictures, as I did two years ago early morning in Via Barletta in front of the B&B:

You can also have a walk to take a few pictures of the monuments with a different perspective … but remember: a very cold day in Rome is a rare exception

So ask us availabilities and special offers during the winter in Rome, and take advantage of the city while it looks much more local and easy to use!

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