Public transportation tickets in Rome

From our location buying daily or weekly passes is not a good idea

Public transportation in Rome is quite cheap. The whole system is run by a public company called ATAC, and it is working for Metro (Subway), Buses and Trams. So the ticket is unique for all the transportation (even metropolitan trains connecting the center of the city to its suburbs are working with the same ticket). The single ride ticket, called BIT, costs EUR 1,50. With it you can use the metro one time (flat rate, same tickets for every distance, even if you have to change the line within the same ride), and / or / 100 minutes on the surface transportation (buses / tram). 

electric bus 119 in Rome - QuodLibet bed and breakfast

Considering the very low costs of the tickets, we suggest our guests not to buy any daily or weekly pass, since they are more pricy and you will be wasting their value, since you, being located in the center of the city (staying at QuodLibet bed and breakfast) will not be using the public transportation often enough to cover the price of the passes. Single tickets can be easily purchased at the metro stops, newspaper sellers and tobacco Sellers or at our desk.

The single ticket do not expire until you use it (so until you pass it in the metro entrance gate, or until you print it in the validation machine on the busts), so you can buy a couple of them and keep them with you during your stay.

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