Ice Cream in Rome – Where to eat the best Gelato

Gelato Part 1 – Lemongrass

There are several opportunities for Ice Cream lovers in Rome. Nowadays the ice cream quality is increasing, thanks to a growing attention to the use of the ingredients and a constant struggle among the ice cream makers to make the “best Gelato” in Rome and to try new flavors and to experiment new recipes.

Ice cream by St. Peter's in Rome Lemongrass

Every neighborhood has its own favorite Gelateria, and finding a good ice cream in Rome is not difficult at all.

We decided to write a few posts on the topic “Ice Cream”, first of all because we are big fan of it, and second because each ice cream maker has some particular feature or flavors which need a special attention.

We begin with one of our favorite and the closest: Lemongrass.

Very nice staff, generous portions and a few flavors which really worth your visit. People who are visiting Lemongrass should not really miss the Zabaione (maybe the best in Rome), and the dark chocolate flavors: Foresta Nera (Black Forest), with dark chocolate, rum and cherries, Cioccolato Fondente and Bacio. And definitely a not to be missed Pistacchio.

Lemongrass is one of our favorite Ice Cream in Rome, and only 80 meters distant from QuodLibet bed and breakfast!

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