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The so called GNAM (Galleria NazionaleArte Moderna) is the only Italian National Museum Completely dedicated to the Modern and Contemporary Art, located in Rome.

In a city like Rome, where people mainly think about ancient art (mainly Roman and Etruscan) the Galleria Nazionale di Arte Moderna, together with the MAXXI (Modern Art from the 21st century – completely dedicated to the contemporary art) is a unique opportunity to discover Rome and its art from a different and yet interesting perspective: modern within the ancient.

Nation gallery of Modern Art in Rome - Gnam - Villa Borghese Park - QuodLibet bed and breakfast

The Modern Art National Gallery is located in an imposing palace at the edge of the Villa Borghese Park, on the opposite side of the Pincio Terrace, in the so called Valle Giulia.

A visit to this museum (which is very close to the Borghese Gallery and the Etruscan Museum) could be perfect way to complete a day visit to the Villa Borghese Museums Area, which is quiet, never busy and definitely relaxing – all in a very green area of Rome.

Galleria Arte Moderna Rome - Modern Art National Gallery - Valle Giulia - Rome

Exhibitions are always taking place, and to see the updated state of art, visit the official website of the Museum :

From QuodLibet bed and breakfast, the connection with the Modern Art Museum of Rome is easy and fast: taking the tram 19 right in front of the bed and breakfast door you need just 12 minutes to be dropped right in front of the Museum.

Tram 19 Rome - QuodLibet bed and breakfast

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