Flexible booking at the best price – Rome

We offer a special discount of the 20% on the rates guests find on the web for this new special type of reservation: not refundable (pay now) but with a total flexibility in case of cancellation.

Using this new rate plan, guests will be able to use the amount paid for the reservation if they have to cancel, moving it on the new booking. You book now for any period, then if for any reason you are not able to come, together we move the amount paid for your reservation to a new date, using the amount paid as a credit to reuse for the new dates.

This new rate plan is a necessary one at this stage: everybody is uncertain about when it is safe to travel, but at the same time it is time to think positive, and eventually, a way to help our small business which is struggling with the Coronavirus Outbreak

Payment through credit card at the moment of reservation.

In case of cancellation guests can reuse the amount paid (voucher) on new dates booked.

The new dates are subjected to availability and the rates for the new period re-booked may vary from the previous booking: in this case the amount paid (voucher) will be deducted from the new amount. If the amount for the booking of the new dates are lower than the previous one, the guest will have a further credit (new voucher) to re-use or to pass to friends or family members.

The voucher is valid 36 months.

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