Vatican Museums – just around the corner from our bed and breakfast

With its 4 miles of Galleries, the Vatican Museums goes from the Ancient Egypt to modern Art, and includes the Sistine Chapel with the Michelangelo’s glorious frescoes and the Raphael Rooms.

The Vatican Museums is definitely the most visited site of Rome, so it is essential to plan your visit to it if you want to make it enjoyable .

The best period of the year to come to Rome and to visit the Vatican Museums with no crowds and no queues to enter, is definitely from the second week of November up to the last week of February.

QuodLibet bed and breakfast is just 7 minutes of walk away from the entrance of the Vatican Museums, so you can definitely choose the best time to go and you need no efforts to reach it.

You can take advantage of our bed and breakfast close distance from the Vatican Museums to plan a visit early in the morning, which is the best opportunity for a more “intimate” visit.

It is absolutely essential to book your ticket ahead of time, and we suggest to use the Vatican Museums Official Website.


Even if a bit more pricy, we suggest you to buy the early in the morning entrances, mainly if you are coming out of the off season (from March to the end of October).

QuodLibet bed and breakfast is just by the Vatican and St. Peter's Square

You might only consider the Friday Morning Afternoon entrances.

The Vatican Museums is open From Monday to Saturday from 9:00 AM to 6:00 Pm (last entrance at 4:00 pm), and with online purchase – for an extra cost – you can enter from 7:00 am.

The Standard entrance ticket costs 17,00 EUR, with a on-line purchase add 4,00 Eur for the pre-sale

Distance from QuodLibet bed and breakfast and the Vatican Museums

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