Safety and security in Rome

A few myths to leave at home

Despite its size (almost 4 millions of people living in the metropolitan area of Rome) Rome is a safe city. Many rumors are said about Rome worldwide, but most of them are just false.

Rome is a city with almost zero micro criminality, and attacks to tourists are more than rare. Walking around in every corner of the city centre late at night is safe and relaxing. So leave apart all the myths you might have read somewhere about Rome being dangerous, and relax and enjoy.

Moreover our location, so close to the Vatican City and the Pope, makes our area even more safe than the rest of the city centre.

One thing many are told about Rome is pickpockets: pickpockets never do a violent action and they work only within crowds. So the only common sense tip to avoid any possible (even if rare) experience with pickpocket is to stay apart from the crowds. That’s all you have to know.

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