Trionfale Market – Food Lovers in Rome

Food Lovers, and people who want to find local, non touristy, everyday life spots with some strong character in it, should definitely pay a visit to the Trionfale Market in Rome, which is the biggest covered market in town (in the center of Rome).

Trionfale Market is just 450 meters from QuodLibet bed and breakfast, and it is open from 6:00 am till 1:00 pm.

It is a sort of Italian Food paradise: the market where all the local families go to find fresh vegetables, fruit, meat, cheeses, fish. Also the market where the gourmet restaurants and chefs go to find their first quality ingredients.

Our guests usually buy there cheeses, cold-cuts (like the famous “Porchetta”) to take away with them (they usually have them vacuumed). At the same time it is also a good place to take some “to take away street food” for the day.

Mercato Trionfale in Rome is so close to QuodLibet bed and breakfast that it is also a fresh food opportunity for the day. Anyway a Roman Experience (very local) not to be missed. An experience that guests can have only staying in the Prati district (our central neighborhood by the Vatican City)

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