Rainy day in Rome

This morning was the beginning of another rainy day of this very rainy November in Rome. We were in our water and wind proof terrace, waiting for our guests to come to have their breakfast. A bit later today since the atmosphere outside was inviting to stay a bit longer in bed. A cozy atmosphere anyway here in our Roman terrace, a place to feel sheltered and protected with the “tempest” outside.

Many options for the day in Rome. Even if the rain is never constant and gives alway the opportunity to walk from place to place, Museums are all opened and easily accessible in November, when nothing is crowded.

One option we suggested today, is to try to pay a visit to the Etruscan Museum of Rome in Valle Giulia, that guests can reach in a few minutes using the Tram 19 that they can take right in front of our door. A stunning, interesting and never busy museum.

Click here to access the website of the Etruscan Museum

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