The History of Prati: From Fields to an Elegant District in Rome

The neighborhood of Prati in Rome has a fascinating history that traces back to its transformation from agricultural fields to the elegant district it is today. Prati, meaning "meadows" in Italian, was originally an open area characterized by farmland and grazing fields. In the late 19th century, as Rome underwent significant urban expansion, the decision was made to develop the Prati area into a residential and commercial district. The construction of the Umberto I Bridge, connecting Prati to the historic center of Rome, played a pivotal role in the neighborhood's growth and accessibility. The architectural design of Prati reflects the spirit of the time when it was developed. The early 20th century saw the rise of neoclassical and eclectic styles, which influenced the construction of many buildings in Prati. Renowned architects, such as Marcello Piacentini, designed elegant structures with grand facades and elaborate details, giving the neighborhood its distinctive character. One of the defining moments in Prati's history was the establishment of Vatican City as an independent state in 1929. Prati's proximity to the Vatican made it an attractive area for those associated with the Holy See, including cardinals, clergy, and diplomats. As a result, Prati became a sought-after residential neighborhood for the Vatican elite, contributing to its reputation as an exclusive and prestigious district. During World War II, Prati experienced significant damage due to bombings, but it was quickly rebuilt and restored to its former glory in the post-war years. The reconstruction efforts preserved the neighborhood's architectural heritage, ensuring that its historical charm remained intact. In recent decades, Prati has undergone further revitalization, embracing a vibrant blend of residential, commercial, and cultural spaces. The neighborhood has evolved into a bustling hub, attracting locals and tourists alike with its array of shops, restaurants, and cultural attractions.

Prati district

Welcome to Prati: Rome’s Charming Neighborhood

Located just a stone's throw away from the Vatican City, Prati is one of Rome's most enchanting neighborhoods. With its elegant streets, historic buildings, and vibrant atmosphere, Prati offers a unique blend of rich history, modern amenities, and authentic Roman charm. Prati is renowned for its beautiful architecture, characterized by grandiose buildings that line the … Continue reading Welcome to Prati: Rome’s Charming Neighborhood

QuodLibet is the Best B&B in Italy and 4th in the World

Finally, it is official - we knew it since the 28th of July but today we received the official communication. QuodLibet bed and breakfast won for the 6th time in a row the Travellers' Choice Award by Tripadvisor. It took a while this year to be announced, but finally, we got it. It is not … Continue reading QuodLibet is the Best B&B in Italy and 4th in the World

Rooms ready at QuodLibet bed and breakfast on July 2, 2020

Our rooms ready and waiting for new guests in Rome on July the 2nd 2020. Here is a photo gallery of pictures taken as the rooms are right now.

Aperitive in the Terrace at QuodLibet bed and breakfast

Not Only breakfast in our terrace in Rome

Which are the post Covid-19 measures we are adopting here at QuodLibet bed and breakfast in Rome? What are we thinking to do if we survive to this thunder-storm brought by the coronavirus? We plan to start to see again our dear guests from all over the world (as we we ere used to) mostly … Continue reading Not Only breakfast in our terrace in Rome

Plan your trip to Rome

Zoom sessions for travelers to Rome

Are you planning a trip to Rome? Still not sure about when, where, how long, what to plan in advance, what to leave for last-minute decisions, what to do in the city and around the city, and how to plan your broader trip in Italy? We are here, happy to help from our insider point … Continue reading Zoom sessions for travelers to Rome

Tripadvisor Travelers’ Choice

This is the message we received today from Tripadvisor regarding the issue of the Tripadvisor’s Best Travellers’ Choice Award. Usually the Best Travellers’ Choice certificate is issued at the beginning of the year (January) but this year we are still waiting for it. Finally TripAdvisor today clarified the reason of this year’s delay. Only 1% … Continue reading Tripadvisor Travelers’ Choice

Spanish Steps from QuodLibet bed and breakfast Rome

We would love to have our guests feedback

We address this pool to all our past guests. We like to have their point of view. In the last 22 years (since 1998) many changes to QuodLibet have been done: we made all the rooms en-suite in 2011, added three more bedrooms in 2012, and "stolen" a piece of the building terrace to put … Continue reading We would love to have our guests feedback

QuodLibet Web Reputation

QuodLibet was one of the first bed and breakfast opened in Rome , and in Italy. Bed and breakfasts are a relatively new type of property in Italy. The first ones were allowed officially to open in 1998 (a hospitality measure taken to face the big amount of pilgrims forecast to come to Rome for … Continue reading QuodLibet Web Reputation

Anti-coronavirus measures and methodology for your stay in Rome at QuodLibet

The lock-down period will finish soon, and people will soon be free to move and to travel to Rome. Travelling in this period could be an opportunity: less people, lower prices, more flexible booking conditions. Here we have a list of measures that we have taken here at QuodLibet for the future months: FLEXIBLE BOOKING … Continue reading Anti-coronavirus measures and methodology for your stay in Rome at QuodLibet