Savor the Essence of QuodLibet: An Exquisite Breakfast Experience

Indulge in the heartwarming essence of QuodLibet Bed and Breakfast through an exceptional breakfast experience. Rooted in the belief that breakfast is a quintessential part of the B&B journey, QuodLibet offers a delightful start to the day on its charming terrace—a space transformed into a cherished retreat since 2016. The breakfast philosophy at QuodLibet centers on the idea that a morning meal is more than sustenance—it's a means to foster connections and set a positive tone for the day ahead. Against the backdrop of the carefully designed terrace, guests are treated to an array of delectable options that cater to both sweet and savory cravings. The renowned pastries from Dolce Maniera, a neighboring bakery, grace the table alongside freshly baked bread from artisanal baker Alessandro, adding authenticity and flavor. The menu goes beyond the expected, offering guests the choice of custom egg dishes, a variety of juices, and yogurts. Importantly, QuodLibet ensures that every dietary need is met, underlining their commitment to providing a wholesome and inclusive experience. Beyond the culinary delights, the breakfast experience at QuodLibet is a moment of interaction and camaraderie. Guests gather to share their plans for exploring the historic streets of Rome, forging connections that often last beyond their stay. This communal aspect adds a touch of magic to the meal, enhancing the overall sense of belonging. The terrace, transformed from a seasonal outdoor space to a year-round haven, encapsulates the ethos of QuodLibet—a seamless blend of comfort, connection, and exceptional quality. Delight in the chance to savor not just a sumptuous breakfast, but a slice of the unique ambiance that QuodLibet Bed and Breakfast is renowned for.

pancakes for your breakfasts in Rome

Breakfast in Rome with Pancakes

We stay home, as everybody in Italy and in Rome in this very strange and terrible period. We have to make every single day, and every single morning an enjoyable one. We have to see the opportunities that every morning is giving us. So, for us, breakfasts can always be a good small challenge to … Continue reading Breakfast in Rome with Pancakes

Breakfast time at QuodLibet bed and breakfast in Rome

7 am on the terrace of Quodlibet bed and breakfast

All is ready today, as usual, in the terrace at Quodlibet bed and breakfast in Rome. Ready for the first guests to come to have their breakfast in our patio. In the meanwhile the sun is rising behind the mountain that surrounds the east part of Rome, while the temperature in still mild. Mid October … Continue reading 7 am on the terrace of Quodlibet bed and breakfast