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Tracing Rome’s Historic Tramways: Exploring the City’s Iconic Transport Network

Embark on a captivating journey through Rome's past and present as you explore the city's historic tramways. Discover the rich history of Rome's tram system, from its humble beginnings with horse-drawn trams to the electrification that revolutionized urban transportation. Marvel at the iconic maritime pines that line the streets, offering shade and shelter while adding a touch of nostalgia to the urban landscape. Traverse the city on Tram Line 19, once known as the "Circolare," and experience a panoramic tour that encompasses Villa Borghese, Valle Giulia, and the vibrant neighborhood of Coppedé. From the lively district of San Lorenzo to the ancient Porta Maggiore, these tramways connect Rome's diverse neighborhoods, bringing passengers closer to the heart of the city's history and culture. As you journey through Rome's enchanting tram network, embrace the harmony between past and present, and witness the charm and resilience of a transport system that has stood the test of time. So hop aboard, sit back, and let the rhythmic clatter of the trams guide you through the streets of the Eternal City, where history, nature, and urban life converge in a mesmerizing tapestry.

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New Mobility in Rome

Car, scooter and bike sharing in Rome is flourishing in this period after the coronavirus lock down. It is a new opportunity of transportation even for tourists. Electric scooters, electric bikes, and cars. Mobility is not anymore a problem but, if you are a tourist, consider well where is your departing point. Even if there … Continue reading New Mobility in Rome

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Rome Tram 19 – “A Streetcar Named Desire”

I Don't know why every time I see this Tram in Rome, the tram 19, I find it so fascinating. The reason is not clear to me at all. They are old (this Model of Tram called "Stanga", started to work in 1947), slow - sometimes with my bike I'm faster - and definitely not … Continue reading Rome Tram 19 – “A Streetcar Named Desire”