New Mobility in Rome

Car, scooter and bike sharing in Rome is flourishing in this period after the coronavirus lock down. It is a new opportunity of transportation even for tourists. Electric scooters, electric bikes, and cars. Mobility is not anymore a problem but, if you are a tourist, consider well where is your departing point.

Even if there are many opportunities for new types of transportation within Rome, bike lanes are still quite rare, and driving your bikes or scooters in a heavy traffic road – with no bike lanes – could be a non-enjoyable experience.
Biking, especially with an e-bike, is enjoyable and easy, but please check with your hotel or inn which is the bike lanes situation in the immediate surroundings of the property that you are booking.

QuodLibet in a lucky location in Rome

At Quodlibet we are in a very lucky situation: a bike lane is passing right in front of our property, and from our location, you can easily reach all the sites of interest, or if you prefer, you can follow a nice route along the river Tiber for kilometers. You can also reach the public parks like Villa Borghese and go further.

So the transportation I would prefer is an electric bike: use it on the bike lanes or in the pedestrian areas. The road conditions and the pavements of Rome are not always a good surface where to drive your electric scooter with too small wheels.

Here you have a list of companies offering bikes, cars, and scooters sharing in Rome:

Share Now – car

Smart for two: €0.19/minute /  Smart for four: €0.21/minute /  Smart for two cabrio: €0.24/minute

EnjoyCaR & Scooters


Share n’go – Electric Cars


Car, bike and scooter sharing in Rome


 €0.20/minute –  €0.50 to unlock bike

Helbiz – ebikes
 €0.07/minute / €0.25 to unlock the bike

Ecooltra – e-bikes


Scooter sharing in Rome

Zigzag – electric scooter

 Two-wheeled Electric Eletropolis scooter: €0.26/minute

 Yamaha Tricity 125 scooter: €0.29/minute

Car, bike and scooter sharing in Rome

Cityscoot – electric scooter


Car, bike and scooter sharing in Rome

Helbiz – electric scooter


 €1 to unlock electric scooter

LimeELECTRIC scooter


€ 1 to unlock electric scooter

electric scooters in Rome

Urbielectric scooter

Download the applications and be ready for your next trip to Rome

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