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This is the message we received today from Tripadvisor regarding the issue of the Tripadvisor’s Best Travellers’ Choice Award.

Usually the Best Travellers’ Choice certificate is issued at the beginning of the year (January) but this year we are still waiting for it. Finally TripAdvisor today clarified the reason of this year’s delay.

Only 1% of the properties listed on TripAdvisor (almost all the properties in the world) receive this certificate. QuodLibet won the Tripadvisor Travelers’ Choice 6 times in the last 7 years, and we are crossing fingers this year, also to receive some energy in this period if uncertainty.

This is an excerpt of their message:

For many years, our Travelers’ Choice and Certificate of Excellence programs have honored select destinations, airlines, accommodations, attractions, experiences, and restaurants around the world. This year, we’re making important updates to help these programs better meet the needs of both businesses and travelers.

While our industry continues to feel the global impact of COVID-19, we know travel will recover. We want our awards program to aid in this recovery — and for this reason, we’ve decided to delay the announcement of our 2020 awards. By delaying until the world is traveling again, we’ll make sure that winners are able to share their news with a receptive and enthusiastic audience that’s ready to respond and take action.

We’re currently in the process of identifying a date for 2020 announcements. We recognize that TripAdvisor awards are important for winning properties each year, as a true reflection of the great work you do (and a powerful enticement to consumers), and we appreciate your patience as we navigate these uncharted waters.

For this reason, we’ll keep our guests updated if Quodlibet will win again the Traveller’s Choice Again. The award from this year will be called “Travelers’ Choice Best of the Best”.

If in the meanwhile, if any of our guests feel like writing a review about his/her stay at QuodLibet, it will be more than welcome. Unfortunately, we are not having new guests these days … so we may ask you to recall your memory about past stays.

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