Zoom sessions for travelers to Rome

Are you planning a trip to Rome? Still not sure about when, where, how long, what to plan in advance, what to leave for last-minute decisions, what to do in the city and around the city, and how to plan your broader trip in Italy? We are here, happy to help from our insider point of view. We like the idea to offer zoom sessions to travelers to Rome. In this lockdown period we have learned how powerful video conferencing is to connect people who are far from each other. Our children have used it for schooling, and many companies and offices have used it for smart working.

Here we would like to offer the possibility to take advantage of it for planning your travel: we are available for free video conferencing sessions (private or group sessions) where to share our point of view for those who are still planning their trip to Italy and Rome, or for those who have already their mind quite clear, but they need just to tune up their last trip decisions.

We are in the travel and hospitality industry since 1998, and we have learned a lot about traveling in Italy and “how to use” Rome.

Who can use our Zoom meetings?

Are you the type of tourist who wants to play the non-tourist role wanting to discover the secret spots? Or maybe You are the tourist who wants to do the easy stuff but with an interesting and non-boring approach? Are you a fan of local restaurants and local cuisine?

So simply send us an e-mail (or a WhatsApp message) requesting a Zoom meeting, and we’ll reply fixing an appointment for it.

Please note that you do not need to have a room booked at our bed and breakfast to do it. You might be still planning, and you do not have to book with us if we do a conferencing session: it will be just an opportunity for you to meet local people beforehand.

just send an e-mail to info@quodlibetroma.com

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