A drone view over a desert Rome

I found this videos today and I want to share it, just to show how the empty spaces of Rome look like. The Coronavirus is a disaster. A disaster under many aspects, and an empty city is just not natural, weird and scary. But at the same time it is impossible to deny that these … Continue reading A drone view over a desert Rome

April 25 Rome Italy QuodLibet

25th of April 2020 – a Strange Liberation Day

The 25th of April, in Italy, is the Liberation day: the 25th of April 1945 is the day of the liberation from the Nazi-Fascism. This year, for the first time in 75 years, we are celebrating this day at home. A strange way to celebrate it, but at the same time an opportunity to think … Continue reading 25th of April 2020 – a Strange Liberation Day

Ravioli in Rome

Rome: today Ravioli for Lunch

We continue our covid-19 "stay at home period", and we keep on doing our culinary experiments. At the same time, somehow, we are thinking about sharing our "skills" with our guests once we'll be able to reopen our terrace at QuodLibet bed and breakfast in Rome safely. We made today our Ravioli with Ricotta and … Continue reading Rome: today Ravioli for Lunch

pancakes for your breakfasts in Rome

Breakfast in Rome with Pancakes

We stay home, as everybody in Italy and in Rome in this very strange and terrible period. We have to make every single day, and every single morning an enjoyable one. We have to see the opportunities that every morning is giving us. So, for us, breakfasts can always be a good small challenge to … Continue reading Breakfast in Rome with Pancakes

Supplì – A Roman Speciality

An easy and delicious Roman specialty The Supplì (Also called Supplì al Telefono) is very easy to find very close to our bed and breakfast in Rome. It is a very good and common street food Italian Specialty, but very famous in Rome. Easy to prepare at home as well: just rise, mozzarella cheese ... … Continue reading Supplì – A Roman Speciality